Companies We Represent

Some of the Companies We Represent

There are a variety of ways to purchase insurance coverage. You can buy it from a captive agent; that is one that works exclusively for one company. You can go it alone and obtain your insurance directly from the company, generally online. You can buy it from an independent agent. The Buckland Insurance Agency, Inc. is an Independent Agency. This means we represent multiple insurance companies.

What are the benefits of using an independent agent? Why choose the Buckland Insurance Agency? Being independent gives us certain advantages. We have the luxury of utilizing many insurance companies. We can compare price, coverage and service to find the best fit for your individual circumstances. We are here to assist you with a claim. You aren’t dealing solely with the company. You have us to help navigate this process. You’re not alone. We also offer a full range of insurance products. Above all, we are committed to earning our clients’ trust through our professional service and dedication to excellence.
Here are just a few of the fine insurance companies we represent.