Personal Insurance

Allow us to assist you in finding the best insurance packages to meet your needs while helping you understand the coverages you are purchasing.

We are your local insurance agency. Living and working in your community helps us understand some of your unique needs and concerns. We would love the opportunity to serve you.


Things to consider:
• Are all vehicles solely titled to you (or your spouse)?
• Do any of these vehicles have a salvage title?
• Are all the members of your household listed on your policy?
• Has your (or your spouse’s) employment situation changed recently?
• Are you a member of any union, bank, church, credit union, association that may provide discounts?
• What are your current liability limits?
• Do you have health insurance that covers injuries sustained in an auto accident?
If so, what company is it with?
• Do you have comprehensive, collision, towing and rental on any/all of the vehicles on the policy?
• Are any of your vehicles modified at all (paint, glass, suspension, drive train, snow plow, truck cap, advertisement, etc…)?
• Do you often have CDs or DVDs in your auto? What about a DVD player that is not permanently installed? Would you want coverage for these things?
• Do you use your vehicle for delivery or for business?

Classic or Antique Auto

Classic or Antique Auto Policy- These vehicles have a unique value to them. They are often not driven on a regular basis and are sometimes taken only to car.


Did you know? Floods are not covered by a standard home insurance policy. We have options for you, even if your community does not participate in the NFIP.


Did you know? Your motorcycle is not covered under your home insurance policy whether it is parked in your garage or not. We can add your cycle to your auto policy (in some cases) or provide a quote for a stand alone policy.

Personal Umbrella

Umbrella coverage offers a layer of liability coverage above your auto, homeowners, rental dwelling coverage and recreational vehicle, up to the limit you select.


Things to Consider
• Do you have anything of special value (i.e. special t.v., jewelry, fine arts, antiques, firearms, coins, computers, etc…)
• What is your current deductible?
• Do you have, or will you be starting a business, or working out of your home?
• Do you provide child care in your home?
• What is the value of any business personal property kept at your home (or in an outbuilding)?
• Do you feel the coverage on your home is adequate to rebuild in the event of a total loss?
• Do you have an indoor or outdoor woodstove, pellet stove, etc…?
if outdoor, how far is it from any building?
• Do you own any watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, gators, etc…?
• How much land do you own?
• Do you have any animals?
• Do you lease any of your land out?
• Do you have any farm style building?
• Do you have/want coverage for water, sewer, septic, and sump pump back up?
• Do you have/want identity theft coverage?

Recreational Vehicle

Most ATVs and snowmobiles can be added to your home insurance or insured on their own.

Rental Dwelling

If someone other than you is living in your home, you need a dwelling fire policy. This is applicable even if you do not collect rent, or if it is a family member.

Vacant Dwelling

A standard home insurance policy does not provide coverage if your home is vacant. We have options for insuring your home, whether you are renovating it or trying to sell it.


Boats are not typically covered under a home policy (either for liability or physical damage coverage). Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, it is best to contact us if you own any type of watercraft. There are options for insuring the watercraft on its own policy, or adding it to your home insurance.

It Pays To Be A Member

Being a member of several groups, unions, and associations offer discounts on home and auto insurance with several companies we represent. Some of these groups are:


Michigan Dental Association

Dues paying member of an alumni association



Home Builders Association of Kalamazoo

Some Credit Unions

**Contact us for a complete list**