Life Insurance

Why do people purchase life insurance?

People look into life insurance for many reasons. They may want financial security for their loved ones, education funding for their children or grandchildren, to cover estate taxes, student loans, mortgages, car loans, credit card debt. People also look into life insurance to be sure that they leave a legacy with a charity, church, etc…
Children’s life insurance? Is that really necessary? There are many benefits to purchasing life insurance for your children or grandchildren. The most often thought of is to cover final expenses in the event of a tragic occurrence, and provide some financial security while you take time off work. However, there is another, often over looked, reason to look into life insurance for children… A whole (or universal) life policy will ensure that your loved ones have insurance as they get older. Can you guarantee that your child will remain in perfect health until they are ready to purchase their own life insurance (20 or 30 years down the road)? A whole life policy will be in force, provided the premiums are paid, for your child’s entire life…Regardless of what happens to their health history in the meantime.

Life Insurance – Perfect for…
Parents, children, grandparents, business owners, husbands and wives, key employees…. Does this describe you?

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