Home Insurance

Things to Consider
• Do you have anything of special value (i.e. special t.v., jewelry, fine arts, antiques, firearms, coins, computers, etc…)
• What is your current deductible?
• Do you have, or will you be starting a business, or working out of your home?
• Do you provide child care in your home?
• What is the value of any business personal property kept at your home (or in an outbuilding)?
• Do you feel the coverage on your home is adequate to rebuild in the event of a total loss?
• Do you have an indoor or outdoor woodstove, pellet stove, etc…?
if outdoor, how far is it from any building?
• Do you own any watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, gators, etc…?
• How much land do you own?
• Do you have any animals?
• Do you lease any of your land out?
• Do you have any farm style building?
• Do you have/want coverage for water, sewer, septic, and sump pump back up?
• Do you have/want identity theft coverage?