Auto Insurance

Things to consider:
• Are all vehicles solely titled to you (or your spouse)?
• Do any of these vehicles have a salvage title?
• Are all the members of your household listed on your policy?
• Has your (or your spouse’s) employment situation changed recently?
• Are you a member of any union, bank, church, credit union, association that may provide discounts?
• What are your current liability limits?
• Do you have health insurance that covers injuries sustained in an auto accident?
If so, what company is it with?
• Do you have comprehensive, collision, towing and rental on any/all of the vehicles on the policy?
• Are any of your vehicles modified at all (paint, glass, suspension, drive train, snow plow, truck cap, advertisement, etc…)?
• Do you often have CDs or DVDs in your auto? What about a DVD player that is not permanently installed? Would you want coverage for these things?
• Do you use your vehicle for delivery or for business?